We can now supply Old Chopper and Strumpet in 5, 10 and 20-litre dispensing packs as well as the usual 2 pint "milk bottles". Great to have for a party, cheap and delicious drinking. The packs are "bag-in-a-box" style so will keep the cider fresh for a long time - similar to wine boxes.

It is also a wonderful alternative for mulling - there are many recipes but we have a good one we might be prepared to disclose when you purchase some cider! A great winter warmer.

Also great flavour for cooking - mussels, pork, rabbit all go well.


OLD CHOPPER. The original and thought by many to be the best, named as a testament to the hard work and blistered fingers suffered by all who helped create him. Chopper has a sly, cunning nature and is liable to take you by surprise. He always has a twinkle in his eye though. Bone dry and really refreshing when drunk chilled. The only known side-effects can be temporary tunnel vision and forgetfulness.


STRUMPET. Strumpet has an altogether sweeter temperament which belies the strength of her lineage. She will charm an seduce you into imbibing far more than is advisable, unless you intend staying the night. Medium-dry and with a wider appeal than her forebear, she may induce hallucinogenic dreams and is certainly addictive. 


VINEGAR WITCH. Old Chopper is rumoured to have a weakness for ugly old hags and took the the Vinegar Witch for his wife. Imagine his surprise when she bore him a such a comely daughter as Strumpet. The witch is so wicked and acidic, she should only be used to cook with but will reward even the most inexperienced chef with her fine nose and afterburn.

THE DOCTOR. Guaranteed to cure all known ills. The Doctor has always had a vital role to play in the general well-being of the village. The potency of this one may cause unwanted side effects. You have been warned.

TEE-SHIRTS. To commemorate your first ORCS experience, why not purchase one of our fine tee-shirts, emblazoned with the CHOPPER logo on the back and the name of the Old Rudgwick Cider Society on the front. Available in a range of sizes.