Our 'core' values:

The ORCS Consitution

The NAME of the organisation shall be Old Rudgwick Cider Society (referred to hereafter as the organisation).

1. The OBJECTIVES of the organisation shall be:

  • To promote and encourage the good use of excess or unwanted apple crops within the Parish of Rudgwick and surrounding areas by producing Apple Juice, Cider and related products from it.
  • To work in conjunction with similar groups, communities, district, regional and national organisations, to adopt where appropriate those initiatives, activities, technical assistance and associated funding routes, to improve the quality and yield of the products.
  • To convene an annual Apple Day within the Parish to demonstrate the techniques of Cider-making and to promote other apple-related rural activities and crafts by invitation to stall-holders.
  • To foster a greater sense of community through the harvesting and processing of the crop, its promotion and re-distribution to contributors.
  • To develop a volunteer resource open to all willing to contribute, providing manpower and logistics to harvest unwanted crops.

2. MEMBERSHIP of the organisation shall be open without exception, to all that can make a positive contribution to the objectives of the organisation. Members shall undertake to meet the objectives set out above.

3. An annual membership DONATION shall be requested.

4. The ADMINISTRATION of the organisation shall be undertaken by the duly elected committee who shall meet at least once a quarter.

5. The COMMITTEE shall consist of not less than two duly appointed officers, all of whom shall be elected annually. The committee shall be empowered to appoint members to fill specific roles, also to co-opt where appropriate until the next AGM.

6. The OFFICERS shall comprise of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Brewer, and Technical Officer. No officer may normally serve in the same post for more than three consecutive years, he or she may only continue thereafter if no other nomination is received and he or she is subsequently accepted at the annual general meeting.

7. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (hereafter referred to as AGM) should be held in September of each calendar year, with not less than fourteen days notice given to all members and officers. The agenda for this meeting shall be;

  • To review a report on the organisations activities during the previous year.
  • To review the statement of accounts, prepared to 31st July.
  • To elect officers and other members of the committee for the ensuing year.
  • To expedite any resolutions and other business appropriate to the meeting. A minimum of 3 working days notice must be given for any proposals.

8. A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the organisation may only be called by the agreement of the whole committee. The object of the meeting shall be stated and the meeting shall be confined to the specific subject matter for which it was called.

9. The QUORUM at all meetings shall be as a minimum 4 committee members. The Chairperson of the organisation shall preside at all General meetings, or in his/her absence a member of the committee shall be elected to the chair by the committee.

10. CONSTITUTION AND RULES: Any change in these rules shall be made only at a General Meeting and by a majority of two thirds of those present and voting by a show of hands. If the Committee consider the amendment is of sufficient importance it may require it to be confirmed by reference to the entire membership.